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We were looking on to the simpliest way to make our home a cosy place that invites nature in, welcomes a healthy life style and creates a sensual experience.

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Choose your indoor plant


A plant does much more than just brighten up a dull, lifeless space. Plants act as air purifiers. It has been proven that plants confer positive changes to your mental and physical health.

Not home always? Don't worry, its a myth that you need to water your indoor plants frequently. Your indoor plants needs watering only when soil is dry. Overwatering actually kills your plant.

Choose your Indoor Plant

Pothos are a perfect indoor plant. They don't need much sunlight and water.

Perfect for those who travels a lot.

Creeping Fig, a slow growing plant. They rather need indirect light. The soil needs to be moist. Remove excess water from the tray.

During the winter water much less without soaking the soil.

An exotic indoor plant: Wax Plant (Hoya spp). They grow in low, medium and bright lights.

Don't worry if you forget to water it once or twice - wax plant doesn't mind.

Learn to water your indoor plant

A classic favourite indoor plant. Best in medium light but grows fine in low or bright light. Ivy wilts, if you put a splash of water after your long return.

A low maintenance creeper. If they get enough light, they're practically no-fail plants that need only occasional watering.

Grow jasmine in full sun or partial shade. Water jasmine when the soil starts to dry out.

Learn to water your indoor plant

Rule 1. Water your plant every two - three weeks in winter and every 7- 10 days in summer.

Rule 2. Overall rule is to wait until the soil looks dry before you water again. It is much easier to fix an UNDER-WATERED plant than one that has been over watered.

Rule 3. Do not leave the plants in the pot holder and water. Root rot is the worst. Always take them out and allow them to drain the water away completely. Even if you choose to leave them to soak, give them time at the end to dry out before putting them back in their pots. 

Rule 4. Misting. It is not a necessity but misting weekly helps the plants to have pups quickly.

Botawall is for indoor and outdoor home decoration for plants. Botawall is used by Interior designers and interior architect and garden design. It crates a story for interior styling of your home with plants. Its a story of plantlife in home decor to create an urban jungle. It is sculptures for house plant clubs. We specialised for hotel design with plants, inspired by art deco for wall decor with plant hanger for indoor plants. It is as well as for work office and restaurent. Perfect for Veranda, balcony, garden wall with climbing plants or flowers for a vertical garden. It is a urban garden or call it urban therapy. Botawall specializes on plant accessory, a sustainable design shop for all, home decoration, hotel room and horeca. Plant lover, make your home green living.

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