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This is where it all began ...
Our story

We wanted something very simple for everyone: to start and end the day in the best possible way- surrounded in decor of nature and a cosy home.

This is where our innovative mind played a role. We looked for ways to optimize  space to include plants in our decor, either on the wall or off the ceiling.

Botawall is a name that connects nature into the walls we live in. We believe,

A house is a garden.

Botawall is for indoor and outdoor home decoration for plants. Botawall is used by Interior designers and interior architect and garden design. It crates a story for interior styling of your home with plants. Its a story of plantlife in home decor to create an urban jungle. It is sculptures for house plant clubs. We specialised for hotel design with plants, inspired by art deco for wall decor with plant hanger for indoor plants. It is as well as for work office and restaurent. Perfect for Veranda, balcony, garden wall with climbing plants or flowers for a vertical garden. It is a urban garden or call it urban therapy. Botawall specializes on plant accessory, a sustainable design shop for all, home decoration, hotel room and horeca. Plant lover, make your home green living.

Our products are designed in Brussels,
responsibly manufactured by expert craftsmen in Europe.
We use durable material that will last with you.
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