Wear the botawall robe in your next morning corporate meeting or to catch up with your friends in the evening.

OH! Pair it with underpants, fancypants, no pants, makeovers, makeunders.

Best quilt ever to own one at home. Lightweight enough to sleep under in summer, yet substantial enough for winter warmth.

Fully reversible. Perfect as a throw to your sofa or chair. A light blanket to keep yours kids warm while playing and cuddling.

At Botawall, our products are hand made by artisan and craftspeople, using natural fibers and materials within a fair trade framework. We believe in small-scale production, fair wages for workers, and healthy working conditions.

We will soon introduce you to the woman who is hand making these robes as her passion, in addition to her actual office job.

We were looking on to the simpliest way to make our home a cosy place that invites nature in, welcomes a healthy life style and creates a sensual experience.

Rue Haute 92
1000 Brussels
Thursday to Friday
13:00 - 18:00
Saturday to Sunday
11:00 - 18:00
Only by appointment
+32 473 383 082    
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