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Inspiration to bring in nature in the form of geometry for home decoration.



Material: Steel

Dimensions: 230 X 1750 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Capacity to hold: Max. 5.5 kg


SKU: BW001
  • Step 1. Choose a location  & test out that location: let a friend hold the ceiling planter and look from different angles to ensure the position is what you want.

    Step 2. Position once you’ve picked an ideal location for your ceiling planter. You may want to hold the wall-mount planter and mark the points, however ensure the distances between the points correspond to the product.

    Step 3. Drill holes. Engage the hammer drill if stone is especially tough. Ensure the drilling action is straight into the stone, and the diameter of the hole must match the diameter of the sleeves.

    Step 4. Attach to wall. This is the easiest part – Tap the sleeves into the stone. Have a friend hold the ceiling planter against the ceiling where you’ve put the sleeves and drill screws to attach.


    Tip: Drill first all the screws halfway and then all the way.


    Remark : when using a ladder, make sure you take care of all safety measures possible.

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